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A Longhouse Birdhouse: KAZUKO SHIRAISHI ~

Summer Time — The Full Moon 
Four Days After July 27th

my mother silently went to heaven       four days ago

and tonight       is the full moon

my mother quietly completed her work

the last penance called living

when she breathed in and exhaled       as though reaching

as far back as to the Inca Empire

the thin river of her life

trembled like a thread

snow     everything is fine

she is     happier than the moon      she does not have to wander about

among the dark clouds

she does not have to       shine serenely

and slowly leave

she has obtained       the permanence

of her existence by not existing       ah

I forgot to say, thank you       because your leaving

this world was      too soon      and too quiet a sigh

what is called permanence is       transient

because it only exists inside me

in this finite inside

infinity       that is a permanence is       now


ah       full moon

please shine

on my beloved       my mother

please flutter

like a spring breeze

quietly over the repose of her soul


drops of light


Kazuko Shiraishi
New Directions 2009
translated from the Japanese by
Yumiko Isumura & Samuel Grolmes


Source: A Longhouse Birdhouse: KAZUKO SHIRAISHI ~


The Missing Malcolm X | Boston Review



Our understanding of Malcolm X is inextricably linked to his autobiography, but newly discovered materials force us to reexamine his legacy.

Source: The Missing Malcolm X | Boston Review

The Power of Andrea Dworkin’s Rage | by Johanna Fateman | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books

Dworkin in her study in Brooklyn, 2003 John Goertz Estate of Andrea Dworkin

Dworkin would become the ur-figure of so-called anti-sex feminism, a contentious term used to characterize feminist opposition to pornography, prostitution, and S&M. Her reputation, forged through thundering speeches and legislative efforts as well as her writing, is one of stridency, man-hate, and paranoid histrionics. In her work, rage is authority; her imperious voice and dirty mouth make for a feminist literature empty of caveats and equivocation. And reading her now, beyond the anti-porn intransigence she’s both reviled and revered for, one feels a prescient apocalyptic urgency, one perfectly calibrated, it seems, to the high stakes of our time.

Source: The Power of Andrea Dworkin’s Rage | by Johanna Fateman | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books

Unknitting – MUTTS Daily Email

Source: MUTTS Daily Email

Frying Tonight | Burn The Water

‘Under The Moon Of Love’
Involuntary Painting and Two Wheelie Bins

frying tonight
cats gather behind
the fish and chip shop
Bob and Paul compare
conditions of the heart

Gavin Wade & Paul Conneally

from the ongoing series of tantwenga poems (tanrenga written via Twitter) soon to be a book

Photograph:Paul Conneally, Aldeburgh, 2019

Source: Frying Tonight | Burn The Water

Extremely Rare Black Leopard Immortalized in Stunning Photos


A black leopard at Laikipia Wilderness Camp in Kenya, photo taken with a Camtraptions Camera Trap.

Source: Extremely Rare Black Leopard Immortalized in Stunning Photos

Naples and Hartford in Season: The Butterfly Estates

And, a monarch hovering beside milkweed, a monarch’s only host plant.

Source: Naples and Hartford in Season: The Butterfly Estates