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Few Things Are Necessary – 3:AM Magazine

Fleur Jaeggy

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Agnès Varda, Influential French New Wave Filmmaker, Dies at 90 – The New York Times


Ms. Varda explored the texture of daily life and philosophical ruminations with a groundbreaking visual style.CreditPhotofest

Agnès Varda, Dead at 90: Revisiting ‘Faces Places’ – The Atlantic


Agnès Varda in 1994GEORGES BENDRIHEM / AFP

In ‘Faces Places’ and ‘The Gleaners and I,’ the director trained her camera on people and issues not frequently seen on-screen.

Source: Agnès Varda, Dead at 90: Revisiting ‘Faces Places’ – The Atlantic

Steven Zultanski Reviews Five New Experimental Poetry Collections | Frieze

Miyó Vestrini, Some Poems of Miyó Vestrini (Kenning Editions)

I’ve never read anything quite like the late Venezuelan writer Miyó Vestrini’s poems: they obsessively sing about death. They aren’t simply obsessed with individual mortality, but with the potential for radical nothingness at the heart of the social: anyone has the agency to remove themselves from the world of the living, leaving an absence that can’t be filled or reconciled. This selection of works from 1960 through 1990, Some Poems of Miyó Vestrini – edited by Faride Mereb and Elisa Maggi, and translated by Anne Boyer and Cassandra Gillig – is the first volume of Vestrini’s poetry to appear in English. She wrote in fragmentary, imagistic lines, mixing quotidian scenes with their negations: ‘I think about Venice, / because of the blinds that go up and down / a sound like no other. / More than the nauseating rain, I am shaken by things I remember, / shit things.’

Vestrini’s writing has a clarity and directness that cuts through metaphysical obscurity: death is not mystified or transcendent. Rather, the poems embrace death as an aspect of daily life: both a mundane fact that follows one into every situation (sometimes terribly, sometimes comically), and a secret weapon that one can only use once. For Vestrini, death does not only lord power over the individual, it can also be an exercise of power against a corrupt and patriarchal social order, as in ‘Brave Citizen’, which opens: ‘Give me, lord, / an angry death. / A death as offensive / as those I’ve offended.’


New books by Ben Fama, Stephanie Young, Robert Fitterman, Miyó Vestrini and Ed Steck wonder about language, politics and love

Source: Steven Zultanski Reviews Five New Experimental Poetry Collections | Frieze

otata 40 April 2019

Eufemia Griffo

ritornano le oche
le loro ali
ancora piene di neve

their wings
still full of snow
the geese return


fine dell’inverno
uno scoiattolo segue ancora
il profumo della neve

end of winter
a squirrel still follows
the scent of snow


vento di primavera
il riparo di una foglia
da qualche parte

spring wind
the shelter of a leaf


Robert van  Vliet


go on keep at it
till everything fits into two rooms or


stand out in the hall and look in and refuse to go in
either room


Tim Murphy

cocktail party . . .
the truth
will set you free


Tom Becket


The word Was deferred

But I
Read delivered


Let’s dissolve One another

Let’s come Apart together


An atmosphere Of gender

As practice Or event


A moment Of discovery

Disguised as An ellipse


Word has It that

Throughlines wind And comingle


The word Was confused

But I
Was aroused


Our weathers Of love

And climate Of erosion


Lucia Cardillo

iris candidi . . .
perdonando a me stessa
tutti gli errori

white iris . . .
I forgive myself
for every mistake


margheritina . . .
piccolo cuore giallo s
ul marciapiede

daisy . . .
tiny yellow heart
from the sidewalk

Nikolay Grankin

покупаю мандарины
падают в кошелёк


buying tangerines —
snowflakes fall into
my wallet

свежий снег
старушка подчёркивает
даты на календаре

fresh snow
an old lady underlines
dates in the calendar


Antonio Mangiameli


In the basement of my apartment building lives the lady who worked for many years in the porter’s lodge. I am very fond of her, she has known me since I was a child. In the evening, when I come back home, I often go to say hello to her. I know her habits, I know that at the time of my coming back home, she is cooking for dinner, which is always the same, very frugal.

a hot broth
a spoonful of rice
an old woman

otata 40 April 2019

sweet dreams – MUTTS Daily Email

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Terminal 7 – Tomasz Stanko e Lucio Fontana, con Jankélévitch – vengodalmare


.. l’andata e ritorno nello spazio è un’andata senza ritorno nel tempo .. da Morte – Vladimir Jankélévitch * Ambienti Spaziali – Installazioni di Lucio Fontana

Source: Terminal 7 – Tomasz Stanko e Lucio Fontana, con Jankélévitch – vengodalmare

Stolen Moments – vengodalmare

Visita l’articolo per saperne di più.

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Kinetic Alphabet

From London motion design studio Mr. Kaplin, an animated alphabet where the animation for each letter is a experiment that was completed in a single day.See also The ABCs in Motion.

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti Celebrates His 100th Birthday With a Novel – The New York Times