Cecilia Vicuña – BOMB Magazine

Hilo Azul, 2016

The poet and artist invokes ancient matriarchal cultures, Indigenous folkways, and the speculative capacities of language so that we might rediscover our kinship with nature.

Source: Cecilia Vicuña – BOMB Magazine

    • dmf
    • March 15th, 2019

    got to chat with her some at a small screening and Q&A not too long ago, lovely spirit.

    • She’s on my to read more of list. Lovely that she also got to talk with you.

        • dmf
        • March 19th, 2019

        she’s a very generous soul, I get into this awkward thing with indigenous folks when they have kinds of magical thinking about conserving/recovering something essentialist from a kind of mythological past, not that I argue with them but it does shut down avenues of conversations about the powers of capital, the limits of language/re-presentation, and the like, so mostly I just try and bear witness and be supportive as I can and in cases like with her to enjoy the art as art.

      • I’m sorry for my late reply. Most important is to keep all channels open, as I think you wrote here. Then us humans could really get somewhere toward trying alternate modes of thinkingbeing.

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