Insectoid Serendos sequence – weird laburnum

Insectoid Serendos sequence

Pliny’s Idea
the spells and charms
of bees in lust

don’t we all have
some rights?

Christmas moon
the sheen rolling off a football
close to enemy trenches

the sun crawls
to a stop

frying an egg
off the car hood…
forgetting pollen

Brief Encounter
it’s still illegal to kiss
other lifeforms

Martian townships
how do we start to make
new prejudices

a weaving sky
into synonyms

Alan Summers

Source: Insectoid Serendos sequence – weird laburnum

    • Christina O’Connor
    • July 17th, 2019

    love the contrasting images in this! brilliant!

  1. Thank you!

    I write in a number of styles for haiku, ranging from what we perceive to be ‘traditional’ in the West, and experimental, and close to the Japanese models of haiku that contain aspects of folklore, fantasy, science fiction, and social issues.

    This sequence is a combination of a few styles.

    I have developed a surrealist bent, in some of my work, partly as it showcases truth in a different set of brackets, partly as I cannot be hemmed in by one approach. I’ve watched documentaries on both 20th century world wars as a child, and my parents still had food ration vouchers in the kitchen drawers, even though the final rationing stopped way back in 1953, although there might have been other kinds of rationing even later, in Britain.

    In total war, usually military, but now a corporate one against nature as ‘nature’ won’t buy consumer goods, there is a diminishing of both birdsong, and of insects. We are actually getting to the point where so-called peace time has a lack of birds and insects which you would only expect in front line situations.

    So the piece is a combination of the human/government/corporate attack on all other wildlife/nature, underpinned by the mythological big football match on Christmas Day during World War One. And there’ll always be Kafka as well, of course, dealing with bureaucratic mazes and insects waking up as humans, or is it humans waking up?

    warm regards,


    Alan Summers
    Call of the Page

  2. Hi Donna,

    What a brilliant, seriously thought-provoking sequence this is from Alan, with familiar green issues viewed from fresh angles in a wryly humorous way, employing a dazzling array of haiku techniques.

    The vital thing of course is that wake-up calls such as this be heeded!



    • Dear Paul,

      What a delightful comment, thank you so much. I am so glad this haikai sequence is working.

      warm regards,

  3. how we need them is apparent, Alan. these are wondrous.

    • Thank you Donna, I’m blown away by the reception to these haikai verses! 🙂

      I’m a fan of Greta Thunberg, and also of Extinction Rebellion. We’ve been showing for over 50 years the devastation we will reign upon us, so these strong people, along with Chris Packham (also with aspergers) are having to tell us urgently what we really already know.


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