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A Classic Collection of Loss and Resilience: Deflection by Roberta Beary | Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog

autumn coolness enters a hand long held in mine


Roberta Beary
from Deflection, 2015


Source: A Classic Collection of Loss and Resilience: Deflection by Roberta Beary | Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog

The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun (Official Video – 2019 Mix) – YouTube

for us ~ with so much love and respect

Plant Poetics and Beyond: An Introduction – ENTROPY

Janice Lee & Andrea Quaid In one sense, the work featured in Plant Poetics and Beyond comes from the June 2019 Association for the Study of Literature and

Source: Plant Poetics and Beyond: An Introduction – ENTROPY

Nancy Pelosi: An Extremely Stable Genius

Photograph by Celeste Sloman

Source: Nancy Pelosi: An Extremely Stable Genius

Tomboy by Claudia Masin – Poem-a-Day | Academy of American Poets


I don’t understand how we walk around the world
as if there were a single way for each of us, a kind
of life stamped into us like a childhood injection,
a cure painstakingly released into the blood with every passing year
like a poison transmuted into antidote
against any possible disobedience that might
awaken in the body. But the body isn’t mere
submissive matter, a mouth that cleanly swallows
whatever it’s fed. It’s a lattice
of little filaments, as I imagine
threads of starlight must be. What can never
be touched: that’s the body. What lives outside
the law when the law is muscled and violent,
a boulder plunging off a precipice
and crushing everything in its path. How do they manage
to wander around so happily and comfortably in their bodies, how
do they feel so sure, so confident in being what they are: this blood,
these organs, this sex, this species? Haven’t they ever longed
to be a lizard scorching in the sun
every day, or an old man, or a vine
clutching a trunk in search of somewhere
to hold on, or a boy sprinting till his heart
bursts from his chest with sheer brute energy,
with sheer desire? We’re forced
to be whatever we resemble. Haven’t
you ever wished you knew what it would feel like to have claws
or roots or fins instead of hands, what it would mean
if you could only live in silence
or by murmuring or crying out
in pain or fear or pleasure? Or if there weren’t any words
at all and so the soul of every living thing were measured
by the intensity it manifests
once it’s set free?

– Claudia Masin
translated by Robin Myers


Yo no sé cómo se hace para andar por el mundo
como si solo hubiera una posibilidad para cada cual,
una manera 
de estar vivos inoculada en las venas durante la niñez,
un remedio que va liberándose lentamente en la sangre
a lo largo 
de los años igual que un veneno
que se convierte en un antídoto

contra cualquier desobediencia que pudiera
despertarse en el cuerpo. Pero el cuerpo no es
una materia sumisa, una boca que traga limpiamente
aquello con que se la alimenta. Es un entramado
de pequeños filamentos, como imagino que son los hilos
de luz de las estrellas. Lo que nunca podría
ser tocado: eso es el cuerpo. Lo que siempre
queda afuera 
de la ley cuando la ley es maciza
y violenta, una piedra descomunal cayendo
desde lo alto de una cima

arrasando lo que encuentra. ¿Cómo pueden entonces
andar tan cómodos y felices en su cuerpo, cómo hacen
para tener la certeza, la seguridad de que son eso: esa sangre,
esos órganos, ese sexo, esa especie? ¿Nunca quisieron
ser un lagarto prendido cada día del calor del sol
hasta quemarse el cuero, un hombre viejo, una enredadera
apretándose contra el tronco de un árbol para tener de dónde
sostenerse, un chico corriendo hasta que el corazón
se le sale del pecho de pura energía brutal,
de puro deseo? Nos esforzamos tanto
por ser aquello a lo que nos parecemos. ¿Nunca
se te ocurrió cómo sería si en lugar de manos tuvieras garras
o raíces o aletas, cómo sería
si la única manera de vivir fuera en silencio o aullando
de placer o de dolor o de miedo,
si no hubiera palabras

y el alma de cada cosa viva se midiera
por la intensidad de la que es capaz una vez
que queda suelta?

Source: Poem-a-Day | Academy of American Poets

Speaker Pelosi: Trump Used Taxpayer Money To Shake Down Leader For His Own Gain | Morning Joe | MSNBC – YouTube


Adam Schiff’s Last Laugh (For Now)

© Win McNamee / Getty

The House Intelligence Committee chairman has spent months illuminating Trump’s alleged misdeeds with fruitless results. Perhaps that’s about to change.

Source: Adam Schiff’s Last Laugh (For Now)

America’s Great Climate Exodus Is Starting in the Florida Keys – Bloomberg

Lori Rittel’s home in Marathon Keys, on Sept. 16

Photographer: Jayme Gershen/Bloomberg

Mass migration begins as coastal homes are bulldozed in the state facing the biggest threat from climate-driven inundation.

Source: America’s Great Climate Exodus Is Starting in the Florida Keys – Bloomberg

Painting — JORGE COSTA

Hypha – Spitzenkörper – 2017 – 2018

This work investigates a variety of experimental processes, visual forms, and critical ideas that examine the development of  the Anthropocene, Biomimetics, and the role of community in catalyzing innovative social and political change.

My drawing process explores several organizations of microbiotas, mycelium (Hypha – Spitzenkörper), and concepts such as the Wood Wide Web. The complexity and inter-connectivity of microfungal forms extending their threads to all life through a dense web of symbiotic relationships. In forests, its synergetic mycorrhiza transfers nutrients from plant to plant and creates a network of informational chemistry beneficial to the whole ecosystem. The potential of these natural forms is apparent in their horizontal design of co-operation and collective functionality; an intercellular matrix that could be extended to the human sphere.

Drawing connects me to unconscious processes that allow for the development of new ideas; a site for research, meditation, dissemination, and a lab for exploring the resonance of form. Layers of visual information materialize as traces of the process itself by generating random visual possibilities and increasing surface dynamics. The multilayered film is often unstable, and is left open to unpredictable possibilities. As a result, the subject is often erased by the buildup of material and the application of new mark making.

This process enables me to explore areas of perception outside my immediate experience, while conceptually expanding my connection to surrounding environmental issues. – Jorge Costa

Source: Painting — JORGE COSTA

is/let – a poem by Johannes S H Bjerg


Source: is/let