Waiting for Fidel | IDFA

Michael Rubbo – 1974 – In 1974 Geoff Stirling approaches the National Film Board of Canada with an intriguing proposition. His friend Joseph Smallwood, former prime minister of Newfoundland, is invited for a talk with Fidel Castro. Since Castro rarely speaks openly with western people, Stirling thinks it a good opportunity to record the discussion on film. He feels it might have a big impact on the east-west relationships.Director Michael Rubbo is interested in the project and two weeks later he and his crew fly to Cuba where they are heartily welcomed. While the party is waiting for Fidel Castro they are shown round a university, the Lenin school, and a psychiatric hospital.These excursions elicit a diversity of reactions from Stirling, Smallwood, and Rubbo. Stirling prefers the capitalistic values, Smallwood is reminded of his own government days, and Rubbo stands in the middle. Their arguments and discussions, which are part of this film, say just as much about these three people as they do about Cuba.

Source: Waiting for Fidel | IDFA

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