Eileen’s Tiny Books: COVID-19 POEMS by DONNA FLEISCHER



Meritage Press’ Minitage Editions is pleased to release an approximate 2-inch by 2- inch book:

By Donna Fleischer

Source: Eileen’s Tiny Books: COVID-19 POEMS by DONNA FLEISCHER

  1. I must admit I’m perplexed by ‘six feet apart’ in the social distancing context. I think it’s shortened from the two meters recommendation which is nearly seven feet apart!

    So people think it’s six feet (maximum) and start shortening that distance.

    I start from around twelve feet if I’m out in the open. I’d never queue in a supermarket from the stories I hear of people blocking entrances and exits and just being weird and wanting to get close to total strangers.

    The book looks great though!!!!!!


  2. My dear, your poem is so precious for me! His format is delicious too.

    (How are you? I miss you)

    • oh, Marina, hello! Once again I am not allowed to comment at your site. It dismays me. But this happened once before for a period of a month or so and then dissolved. I’ve been stressed out with telework during this pandemic and taking steps to counter it, so not to worry, please. But I tell you in order to explain my lack of response within a more comfortable amount of time. You are in my thoughts whether or not I let you know that. I returned to poetry after a an absence of sorts to cope with the arrival of the pandemic, so poems such as the one you read here, were really written off the top of my head but the depth of my heart. I love your visits and you. Take the best care you can, please. Donna

      • I don’t know what happens with WordPress, after checking that everything is ok.
        I really wanted to know how you are, thanks for replying. It is a difficult time for everyone, I think we still miss the point..
        Take care you too, my dear. Kiss.

      • I am injoyed to hear from you and relieved to sense that you are ok in this deadly time. And, yes, I believe it is true, what you say here, “I think we still miss the point”. I kiss you back.

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