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So, what do you propose? To destroy the biggest threat to humanity, America, we need to unite regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, age, level of able-bodied/mindedness, and work together to decolonize our movement— to move beyond our dependence on white academia predominantly sold to us at “higher education”, and into theory brought to us from subaltern populations here. What does this mean for the makeup of the movement? There is no room for racists. There is no room for dogmatism. There is only room for absolute autonomy of an oppressed peoples. Tactics? We need to identify these populations, and listen to what they need, what they want, and the means they seek to achieve it. Then, we need to call upon consensus. Consent. That is the program I am campaigning for.


And with this, I’d like to introduce what I’ll be calling low-end theory [see essay on poet-scholar Fred Moten’s subversive black-studies scholarship, The Low End Theory at https://www.harvardmagazine
.com/2018/01/fred-moten-black-and-blur] for the time being, a combination of inner-circle Leftist critiques, long-form autobiographical experiences as a radical activist, as well as the translation of obscurist academic literature into vernacular and access to revolutionary tactics otherwise mystified beneath personality cults, sectarianism, and other noisy distractions. And as always, I want to answer questions people have.

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Source: MerriCatherine is creating Fourth World Strategy | Patreon

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