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Doc Rivers Delivers Emotional Speech On Jacob Blake – YouTube

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3-1=1 – KyeongJun Yang

  • On March 11, 2011, the Fukushima Prefecture collapsed twice. The Tohoku earthquake, which was the worst recorded in Japan’s history, had caused a 40.5 meters high tsunami and killed approximately 15,000 people. But the tragedy did not end there. The Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, located at the west end of Fukushima, could not withstand the impact brought by the tsunami. Radioactivity began to spread into the air as well as water. On the first day of the accident, the Japanese government ordered evacuation up to 3 kilometers around the power plant, after one month post its radiation leak, the evacuation zone had expanded to 40 kilometers.


    In 2012, the Japanese government began restoring villages except for high-risk areas within 20 kilometers radius of the power plant. Traces of Fukushima’s previous lives were recovered after restorations of collapsed buildings and houses. However, radiation decontamination was progressing slower than the government’s expectation. Even if contaminated soil is scraped off from the surface, it is contaminated once more when runoff waters descend from the mountains when it rains. Complete decontamination is impossible unless every tree is removed from the mountains; however, 70% of Fukushima is comprised of mountains covered by dense woods.


    In 2020, the Japanese government had lifted most of the evacuation orders and had cut off subsidies. Houses that could not be decontaminated were destroyed and new houses were built to prompt residents to return to their respective villages. The actions of broadcasting reduced pollution levels and the footage of Prime Minister Abe eating Fukushima-raised fish did not erase the impact of sheer fear from radiation leak. The slogan for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics is, “Let’s Go Forward.” As the world moves on towards the future, Fukushima came to an abrupt stop on March 11.


2. Gogendo, Namie

An abandoned house in Namie. Because Namie is within 20km of the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, the decontamination of most houses is not possible. Therefore, the residents have not returned since 2011. Gogendo, Namie. 2019.

3-1=1 on KyeongJun Yang

Source: 3-1=1 – KyeongJun Yang

The Lion King | Original Trailer | Disney+ – YouTube

Noam Chomsky: ‘There’s never been a moment in human history’ like this one | TheHill


World-renowned scholar and activist Noam Chomsky said humans are living through the darkest and most consequential time in history.

Source: Noam Chomsky: ‘There’s never been a moment in human history’ like this one | TheHill

She Was Never Here – 3:AM Magazine

Alejandra Pizarnik, The Galloping Hour, translated by Patricio Ferrari and Forrest Gander (New Directions, 2018)

Source: She Was Never Here – 3:AM Magazine

Few Things Are Necessary – 3:AM Magazine

Fleur Jaeggy

Source: Few Things Are Necessary – 3:AM Magazine

A Life Spent Looking at the Sea: On Me & Other Writing by Marguerite Duras – 3:AM Magazine

Marguerite Duras, Me & Other Writing, translated by Olivia Baes and Emma Ramadan (Dorothy, 2019)

Source: A Life Spent Looking at the Sea: On Me & Other Writing by Marguerite Duras – 3:AM Magazine

Images, Text and Modern Feints: Dongyoung Lee’s I can’t and the Material of Meaning – 3:AM Magazine

[…] Barthes, a tempered romantic, speaking of “entering upon the true history of language,” perhaps caught between a science and a poetics, writes in 1966:

“An image gives out different meanings and we don’t always know how to handle them. Moreover, this phenomenon of polysemy also exists in articulated language, and is one of the main themes of current linguistic research. But the fact remains that, in the case of language, polysemy is considerably reduced by context, by the presence of other signs which direct to the choice and the intellection of the reader or hearer.” […]

Source: Images, Text and Modern Feints: Dongyoung Lee’s I can’t and the Material of Meaning – 3:AM Magazine

Arthur Jafa | Love is the Message, the Message is Death – YouTube

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“Sorrow Home” by Margaret Walker

My roots are deep in southern life; deeper than John Brown or Nat Turner or Robert Lee. I was sired and weaned in a tropic world. The palm tree and banana leaf, mango and coconut, breadfruit and rubber trees know me.

Warm skies and gulf blue streams are in my blood. I belong with the smell of fresh pine, with the trail of coon, and the spring growth of wild onion.

I am no hothouse bulb to be reared in steam-heated flats with the music of El and subway in my ears, walled in by steel and wood and brick far from the sky.

I want the cotton fields, tabacco and the cane. I want to walk along with sacks of seed to drop in fallow ground. Restless music is in my heart and I am eager to be gone.

O Southland, sorrow home, melody beating in my bone and blood! How long will the Klan of hate, the hounds and the chain gangs keep me from my own?

Margaret Walker, “Sorrow Home”