Solitary Plover – Summer 2020

Adoration of the Ear

                                    – ekphrasis on an African linguist’s staff

crooked staff

like a great tree



swept air clear for

feeling’s drum


burnished gold leaf,

with thumb roll of

an elephant’s dung

into ear shape


with a trunk trumpets

vowels of savannah


Donna Fleischer

Solitary Plover Summer 2020
issue #32

  1. Hi Donna,

    I know the importance of those burnished gold staffs in African culture, the linguist holding one being, in a way, a tribal chief’s voice. And, gosh, what an amazing staff you describe in your ekphrastic poem ‘Adoration of the Ear’.

    Such a delightful site ‘Solitary Plover’ is too – must confess, I’d never heard of Lorine Niedecker before. What a poet!

    I also love your haibun ‘Midsummer Marsh’, which appears adjacent to your ekphrasis. I felt I was walking the footbridge too, with that “dried-out gulch” below. Yes, let’s hope for a burbling current to nourish the marsh, with a return of singing frogs, dragonflies and mallards adrift.

    Warmest wishes – take care,


    • hello, Paul – the poem took a long time to come to its truth as did the haibun, so I’m grateful to know that you read these. Thanks for writing to me, too.

      As for Lorine Niedecker, you are in for a treat and a journey like no other. “Solitary Plover” has been publishing my poems for many years now. The poetry editor, Tom Montag, is an important poet, like Niedecker, for those of us who live earthwise.

      Stay well and writing. We need that.

      Warmest regards with wishes, your friend,

    • dmf
    • August 22nd, 2020
    • the sorrowful corpses are hard to look at, never mind feel within . . . stay safe, dirk.

  2. … my compliments.

    • dear Marina, your two words give me tremendous joy, because you like the poems, naturally, and because you read them and tell me.

      With love,

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