Honoring Jacob Blake

To pass the time during the pandemic, artist and designer Sho Shibuya has been painting sunrise views from his apartment using the front page of the NY Times as a canvas and posting them to Instagram. But he’s also done special editions, like the one above honoring Jacob Blake, the seven holes in the paper representing the seven bullets fired at Blake’s back by a Kenosha police officer trying to murder him. The juxtaposition with that headline is… something.

Source: Honoring Jacob Blake

    • dmf
    • September 5th, 2020

    2AM, and the rabbinical students stand in their bathrobes
    at the edge of the yeshiva parking lot, watching
    the practiced motions of muscular firemen disembarking
    from their engine. Soon, it will be determined
    the youngest student in the building
    pulled the basement alarm
    after learning, over the dormitory pay phone,
    his parents, back in Baltimore, intend to end
    their nineteen year marriage before Passover.
    The only one the rabbis have not accounted for
    crouches in his closet behind a row of black sports coats.
    And because the yeshiva caters to souls
    but also bodies,
    the early morning mysticism class
    on why the Divine Presence cannot dwell
    amongst those plagued by sadness
    has been cancelled.
    by Yehoshua November

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