is/let – haiku by Rebecca Lilly


Source: is/let

  1. wow that went broad/deep in a way i don’t usually identify with the form that is often so specific and object oriented

    • Ahh, then the form belies itself . . . I’ve lived with the form as a reader and writer of it for decades and it is by far the deepest I could imagine, in every way.

        • dmf
        • October 29th, 2020

        sure, my sense is generally the content is quite narrow/specific while the effects on the reader are as you say where as here she is saying as well as showing

      • So true, what you say.

        • dmf
        • October 30th, 2020

        I’m grateful to be taught in these matters by someone as deep into the process and appreciation as yourself, I never got to study poetry in college tho I’ve always loved it, many thanks!

      • My college poetry studies are half-assed; haiku practice is mostly experiential. so glad to be of use to you.

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