Opinion | Pope Francis: The Covid-19 Crisis Reveals What Is in Our Hearts – The New York Times

    • dmf
    • November 28th, 2020

    I haven’t got any.
    You had a wood floor.
    I lay on your floor.
    I don’t think I feel things,
    Why don’t I feel things?
    I got a phone call.
    Picked at my carpet.
    Picked at the blue salt.
    Everything is listening.
    I am not shaking.
    I could pick my hangnails.
    Start at the nail
    Triangle of skin
    Then a vertical dent.
    Long and then longer
    Curved down on the thumb.
    I can keep going.
    The worst is no hangnail.
    Skin to the core
    Pink and striated.
    Dig in my fingernail.
    This is my carpet.
    I didn’t pick it.
    Some color nubbed blue.
    Tugging out salt.
    City in my ear.
    I haven’t talked in months.
    What should I feel.

    Adrienne Raphel

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