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Kakinomoto no Hitomaro was a Japanese waka (tanka) poet who lived during the late 7th century. Wikipedia says he was known for his elegies for imperial princes but his poems within 100 Poems from t…

Source: Poetry With Heart – ideopunk

  1. I’m allergic to hair dye and silver. Of the natives,
    I love the Aztecs most of all, the way they lit fires
    in the gouged chests of men to keep the world spinning.
    I’ve seen women eat cotton balls so they wouldn’t eat bread
    I will never be as beautiful as the night I danced in a garage,
    anorexic, decked in black boots, black sweater, black jeans,
    hip-hop music and a girl I didn’t know pulling my hips
    to hers. Hunger is hunger. I got drunk one night
    and argued with the Pacific. I was twenty. I broke
    into the bodies of men like a cartoon burglar. I wasn’t twenty.
    In the winter of those years I kept Christmas lights
    strung around my bed and argued with the Italian landlady
    who lived downstairs about turning the heat off,
    and every night I wanted to drink but didn’t.

    Truth by
    Hala Alyan

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