Johnny Mathis The Singles – Gina

Mathis, mature, boyish, sweet, strong, beautiful phrasing – a voice to trust through the decades . . . word pond

  1. Snowdrops in the Light of the Blaze

    His breathing had always been bad —
    there was something wrong with his tubes —
    so he often went out to the Art Shed:
    it’s nice to get out in the air
    the snowdrops so white in the darkness —
    but tonight he isn’t alone —
    a girl in a nightie runs past
    and into the rhododendrons;
    and as he looks up at the building
    crackling among the pines
    he’s seen by the old headmaster
    who naturally thinks it was him,
    the asthmatic snowdrop collector.
    The ride to the station proceeds
    like someone drying their toes —
    slow, as if something important
    were happening to somebody else,
    and will soon happen here, and to you.
    I don’t think he’ll ever be normal,
    but he draws very well, when he wants to.

    -Selima Hill

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