Tiana Nobile reading “/ˈmīɡrənt/” – YouTube



Tiana Nobile

Of an animal, especially a bird. A wandering species

whom no seas nor places limit. A seed who survives despite

the depths of hard winter. The ripple of a herring


steering her band from icy seas to warmer strands.

To find the usual watering-places despite

the gauze of death that shrouds our eyes


is a breathtaking feat. Do you ever wonder why

we felt like happy birds brushing our feathers

on the tips of leaves? How we lifted our toes


from one sandbank and landed – fingertips first –

on another? Why we clutched the dumb and tiny creatures

of flower and blade and sod between our budding fists?


From an origin of buried seeds emerge

these many-banded dagger wings.

We, of the sky, the dirt, and the sea. We,


the seven-league-booters and the little-by-littlers.

We, transmigrated souls, will prevail.

We will carry ourselves into the realms of light.

  1. I like this Poem very much

    • I feel it to be completely original and timeless, the greatest combination ever, imo as one of “the little-by-littlers”. I’m very happy you now know the poem. ~ DF

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