brass bell: a haiku journal: edible haiku

low slung river
thoughts of home
and lemon trout

Alan Summers

Source: brass bell: a haiku journal: edible haiku

  1. Thanks! I had an amazing walk along the Avon river in Wiltshire, UK and it’s been a really dry April.

    warm regards,

    • Hello, Alan,

      You continue to remind human kind of our interdependence with all that lives and creates the blue planet, two-thirds sea water . . . so inspiring and gratifying to know you in this time and space, to keep your poetry close, a companion for all time.

      Warmest regards,

      • It’s been tough for the world on many levels, and we have been sorely tested, and I expect good changes to happen.


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    A rewarding meal after a wonderful river walk!

  3. a welcome bit of humor

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    #Haiku Happenings #1: Word Pond presents a haiku by Alan Summers, appearing in Brass Bell!

  5. Hi Donna,

    I’ve much enjoyed this ‘edible haiku’ issue of brass bell. And Alan’s “low slung river” haiku is indeed amazing – the way the Avon running low in dry April had him dreaming of lemon trout!

    I also love your “al fresco” haiku for its humorous double-meaning. So clever!

    Best always – take care,


    • Hello, Paul, how I relish your incisive comments! (as you can see I’m still thinking of food . . .! 🙂 ). Thanks for mention of the double meaning in my haiku. I could feel Issa’s kind voice tugging at my sleeve . . .
      yours truly,

    • Thanks Paul!!!


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