Land Day (March 30, 1976) trish salah – sacrificezone


The government said “Security and settlement” and called curfew

for Sakhnin, Arraba, Deir Henna, Tamra, Tu’ran, Kabul

sent in 4000 police and the IDF…

Ysrael Koenig advised they “cement long term Jewish national interests” and “examine the possibility of diluting existing Arab population concentrations.”

Without land,

and your fear, you are not you

robbed of your face, spirit

and in no place to lie down, how

to turn, rise,

fly upon the moment?

We all want to be light

Know light’s plummet

Lose ground.

This is to come to land.

If a child is a land you may not own,

If this child is called Impossible morning

If our histories make us lie,

If down

If, in home, blood soaked


Too many trampled and trampling feet

too many laws bulldozers soldiers laws bulldozers

crowd where your house,

your olive, fig or lemon trees should grow.

How might you live, if you do not take back the land?

You may not own, but for land, they mass.

It is a word stolen.

Source: Land Day (March 30, 1976) trish salah – sacrificezone

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