Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master and Political Reformer, Dies at 95 – The New York Times

  1. remarkable fellow

  2. “When Buddhists and Christians come together, we
    should share a meal in mindfulness as a deep practice of
    Communion. When we pick up a piece of bread, we can
    do it with mindfulness, with Spirit. The bread, the
    Host, becomes the object of our deep love and
    concentration. If our concentration is not strong enough,
    we can try saying its name silently, “Bread,” in the way
    we would call the name of our beloved. When we do
    this, the bread will reveal itself to us in its totality, and
    we can put it in our mouth and chew with real
    awareness, not chewing anything else, such as our
    thoughts, our fears, or even our aspirations. This is
    Holy Communion, to live in faith. When we practice
    this way, every meal is the Last Supper. In fact, we
    could call it the First Supper, because everything will be
    fresh and new”

    Click to access living-buddha-living-christ.pdf

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