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Vibe, Mood, Energy – The Drift

Image by John Kazior

The products of mass culture have learned to speak a new language: the language of the occult. Come in, an app pleads, and listen to an algorithmically curated playlist of songs that “fit the vibe.”…

Source: Vibe, Mood, Energy – The Drift

Putin’s War in Ukraine Started a Revolution in Olaf Scholz’s Germany

The invasion of Ukraine is triggering a dramatic reversal of Berlin’s grand strategy.

Source: Putin’s War in Ukraine Started a Revolution in Olaf Scholz’s Germany

“Once” by Alex Dimitrov from “Love and Other Poems”


Would you even believe
When it finally happens

how easy it is to feel
without any proof

that love may be, could be, actually is
longer than time.

Alex Dimitrov

Philadelphia – Neil Young – YouTube

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