This is not my hour – Peter Russell – vengodalmare


Sonetto 36

Vergine nudità, vestita di vento e di stelle,
che trascende il pensiero del povero uomo banausico:
intrappolato nel bozzolo vistoso da lui stesso filato;
non crisalide d’oro,
prigione di sbarre annerite, oceano di flussi nocivi, vili catarri,
squallidi eventi nei quali il falso tempo giunge al termine: – –
“Una tenda per il sole” cantò il salmista –
le fasce di un neonato – – senza ferite.

Il vento sa, da un lato, dove va, e dall’altro
donde viene, perché c’è e che cosa ara – –
la dura terra cupa.
Non è un vento che semina molecole,
è un’aria sensibile alla musica,
è atmosfera d’Amore, costante rinascita.
da This is not my hour
Peter Russell
Ed. del Foglio Clandestino, 2018

Sonnet 36

Virgin nakedness, clothed with wind and stars,
that transcends the thought of the poor Banausic man:
trapped in the conspicuous cocoon he spun himself;
not a golden chrysalis,
prison of blackened bars, ocean of noxious streams, vile catarrhs,
bleak events in which false time comes to an end: – –
“A tent for the sun” sang the psalmist –
the swaddling clothes of a newborn – – without wounds.

The wind knows, on the one hand, where it is going, and on the other
whence it comes, why it exists and what it plows – –
the hard dark earth.
It is not a wind that sows molecules,
it is an aria sensitive to music,
it is an atmosphere of Love, constant rebirth.

from This is not my hour –
Peter Russell
Ed. Of the Foglio Clandestino, 2018

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Source: This is not my hour – Peter Russell – vengodalmare

  1. Although with Google, well translated. You helped Google with your own. poet experience 🙂
    You are very good

    • It was all Google, dear friend! How I wish I knew your most beautiful of all languages so I might even try to translate it into English.

      On another subject, do you have any insights to offer on the visual art method used by Michelangelo, Matisse, and others, called non-finito? Would it be fair to regard it as a kind of less is more technique, philosophy?? with love, Donna

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