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“Poetry is a bodily thing that takes over.” | Poet Peter Laugesen | Louisiana Channel – YouTube

Laugesen emphasizes the physical aspect of poetry and calls it “a bodily thing that takes over. It takes over your whole presence and turns it upside down so nothing is recognizable.” Peter Laugesen feels that “it’s something you need to feel at some time or other. No matter what you want to do, you have to experience it.” The interview takes place at a beach in the Wadden Sea in Western Denmark on the island of Fanø and the poet parallels writing about language with landscape painting, which is a genre in itself. When walking you reflect “that’s 10,000 or 100,000 or millions of years that we’re walking around in. Including this landscape. It gives you a sense of time. What time is.” “Language as a landscape is the basic image in my writing. I write in the landscape of language. And like a geological landscape, language is huge when you get into it and see how it expands in every direction.” “What I like about the Wadden Sea and areas like this is the great monotony in it, but when you walk in it, it’s full of unpredictable details.” “Ideally, writing the poem isn’t work. It’s just something that you’re compelled to do, so you do it. It’s related to Eastern philosophy. Japanese, Chinese, Zen-like philosophy. All we’re meant to do is to sit still, breathe and stare into space. And sooner or later, we realize what the point is.”  – Poet Peter Laugesen

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