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The Haiku Pea Podcast: S5E9 How to use memories in Haiku, featuring Roberta Beary – YouTube

4 Patricia McGuire – YouTube

Pea TV Uncut: Selective Realism – YouTube

Tyrone McDonald, the American Haiku Poet at Pea TV Readings – YouTube


Tyrone McDonald is that rare contemporary poet. He writes haiku that are sublimely experimental — something between classic and contemporary, pure and hybrid, sonorous and atonal, brilliant in thought and feeling. Compelling. Provocative. Unforgettable. And, so exquisitely original as to meet up equally with Bashō’s poetry in and out of time.

Please enjoy this rare appearance by Tyrone McDonald, who I had the supreme pleasure of reading with at the WordForge Poetry Reading Series in Hartford, CT, hosted by poet Jim Finnegan. We have remained poetry friends since then.

Hans Werner Henze – S. Biagio 9 Agosto ore 1207 – YouTube

92Y’s Read By: Howard Norman Reads the Haiku of Masaoka Shiki, translated by Burton Watson

Howard Norman on his selection: I read two diary entries by the iconic haiku master, Masaoka Shiki, which I translated with Kazumi Tanaka while in Japan in 2007. Shiki was often confined by his lifelong illness to his bed; a recurring image is a parade of the tops of black umbrellas seen just over the top of a wall. , trans. Burton Watson Music: “Shift of Currents” by Blue Dot Sessions // CC BY-NC 2.0

Source: 92Y’s Read By: Read By: Howard Norman

How Poetry Broke My Heart – Pulse

Source: How Poetry Broke My Heart – Pulse

Hard Times / The Hillbilly Thomists – YouTube

Céline Sciamma’s Quest for a New, Feminist Grammar of Cinema | The New Yorker

Filmmakers, Sciamma says, learn “that conflict is the natural dynamic of the storyteller.” She wants to move beyond that.Photographs by Paul Rousteau for The New Yorker

In subtle, unpredictable ways, the French director is determined to move beyond received ideas of filmmaking.

Source: Céline Sciamma’s Quest for a New, Feminist Grammar of Cinema | The New Yorker

The Uvalde 21: A Tribute to Victims of the Texas Shooting – The New York Times