Audre Lorde e Simone Leigh – vengodalmare


Brick House di Simone Leigh sulla High Line di New York




Electric Slide Boogie

First of the year, 1.16 in the morning
and my body is beyond exhaustion
time to retire and rest
I was given ample space in everyone’s head
but the community calls
there on the threshold
drums beating through the walls
children playing with pickup trucks
under the foldable coat rack
in the narrow corridor outside my room
The TV room next to it is wide open
it’s midnight in Idaho
and the unobtrusive unobtrusive turnaround
of the Electric Slide Boogie
makes you dance in time
beyond in the living room
beyond the sweet tinkle
of glasses in the dining room
and the pungent scent of Dutch apple pie
slightly overcooked
all tied together
to the fat black laugh
by Gloria
and her sisters, an octave above

How difficult it is to sleep
in the middle of life.

[January 3, 1992]

from Of love and struggle
Audre Lorde


* all works are by
Simone Leigh in Sovereignty
(Golden Lion for best artist at the Venice Biennale
and first black woman to represent the American Pavilion)
with the exception of the sequence of beautiful paintings by
Solange Pessoa with Sonhiferas for the African Pavilion
** some photos are by the artist Ugo Cordasco

Source: Audre Lorde e Simone Leigh – vengodalmare

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