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English in the Real World – The Millions

Bryan A. Garner is here to update us on changes in how people speak and write in real life.

Source: English in the Real World – The Millions

Secretary jobs in the age of AI – by Noah Smith

Photo by Jean-Louis Paulin on Unsplash

A guest post by Hollis Robbins

Source: Secretary jobs in the age of AI – by Noah Smith

~ the image up above jars with the outdated milieu of the gentleman secretary and even more so with the age of the woman secretary . . . word pond 

PETER, PAUL & MARY ~ Stewball ~.wmv – YouTube

~ IAN AND SYLVIA TYSON ~ Someday Soon – YouTube

Ian & Sylvia – Old Blue (1962) – YouTube

Le Deserteur (Live) – YouTube

There Is a Ship (Live) – YouTube

Peter, Paul and Mary “I’m in Love With A Big Blue Frog” (25th Anniversary Concert) – YouTube

Peter,Paul & Mary I Dig Rock & Roll Music (1968) – YouTube

Peter, Paul and Mary – Moments Of Soft Persuasion (Late Again – 1968) – YouTube