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TOM CLARK: The only moment we have is right now

old pic from #Burma #Myanmar at the #ShwedagonPaya hopefully this is not what #Wirathu will preach – #Monks and #Guns: image via ayeshas @ayeshasitara, 11 September 2013 TOM CLARK: The only moment we have is right now[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Its horn more precious than gold

 Mother #Rhino and 3 month old baby killed last week Baby was shot as he was running around his mum via @Protect_Wildlife: image via Isaac Vega  @saacBIOvega, 5 May 2015 TOM CLARK: Its horn more precious than gold[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Stuffed

Yellow-crested #cockatoo-stuffed bottles caught by #Indonesian customs @MailOnline: image via Mohamoud Walaaleye @Ladhka, 5 May 2015 – and what of the human soul who does not look at these crushed birds and release them immediately, instead of posing for pictures . . .  df   TOM CLARK: Stuffed[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK :: wraith

Fukushima NOGO Zone: photo © by Guillaume Bression, 2013  TOM [ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Samuel Beckett: My Family

This is gross. #Indonesian fun?? Please sign against #streetmonkey abuse and #murder: image via Suzi Urell @SuziUrell, 12 March 2015 TOM CLARK: Samuel Beckett: My Family[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Wislawa Szymborska: Some like poetry

Some — therefore not all. Not even a majority just a minority. Not counting schools where they have to, and the poets themselves, that’s probably two per thousand. Like — but one also likes noodle soup, one likes compliments and the colour blue, one likes an old scarf, one likes to have one’s way, one [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: American Terror

Deah Barakat with his wife Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and her sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha. All three were shot dead: photo supplied to The Guardian, 12 February 2015 TOM CLARK: American Terror[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Leaving Debaltseve: “The whole town is destroyed”

Every tenth Russian thinks full scale war with #Ukraine already underway – poll: image via RT @RT, 2 February 2015 TOM CLARK: Leaving Debaltseve: “The whole town is destroyed&#[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Projections of a Dream

Via @splcenter: On #MLKDay, remember his deep & still relevant political analysis: image via Elianne Ramos @ergeekgoddess, 19 January 2015  TOM CLARK: Projections of a Dream[ READ MORE ]

H.D. (Hilda Doolittle): Euripides: The Chorus to Iphigeneia | TOM CLARK

(To Iphigeneia) Your hair is scattered light: The Greeks will bind it with petals. And like a little beast, Dappled and without horns, That scampered on the hill-rocks, They will leave you With stained throat — Though you never cropped hill-grass To the reed-cry And the shepherd’s note. Some Greek hero is cheated And your [&hellip[ READ MORE ]


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