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TOM CLARK: Tymnes: The Maltese Dog

The horse, the dog… and Phoebe! [Cañicosa, Castille and Leon, Spain]: photo by Natalia Romay, 24 December 2013hobvias sudoneighm, 6 May 2006 Source: TOM CLARK: Tymnes: The Maltese Dog[ READ MORE ]


The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are visible over the Sycamore Gap at Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, in northeast England: photo by Owen Humphreys/Press Association, via Associated Press, 7 March 2016 Source: TOM [ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Joseph Ceravolo: Irish Entry

Rock of Cashel Crows. Cashel, County Tipperary: photo by Tony Webster, 13 October 2013   ……………………………February 4, 1988 Looking at the crow on roof now on top the wire wet soaked in January heavy rain, heavy traffic at crossroad soaked with desire in a cottage by an Ireland lake. Three crows together in the thunderous [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Ezra Pound: Canto CXIII: preparation for sky burial

Vultures in Africa and Europe could face extinction within our lifetime, conservationists have warned. Veterinary drug diclofenac that wiped out 99% of vultures in India, Pakistan and Nepal, has been commercially available in at least two European countries. And in Africa they are facing increasing threats mainly due to poisoning.: photo by Ramon Elosegui/BirdLife International via [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: The Stations of the Forced Wanderer (Nâzim Hikmet Ran: 20 September 1945)

Nâzim Hikmet Ran: 20 September 1945 At this late hour in this autumn night I am full of your words; eternal as time and matter naked as an eye, heavy as a hand and gleaming as stars your words. Your words came to me, they were of your heart, of your head, of your flesh. [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Boundary Issues

Zebra thinking about crossing. @AFPPhoto by @CarldeSouza1, currently shooting the migration in #Kenya’s Masai Mara: image via Stefan Smith @StefanASmith, 2 September 2015 The leap of faith is taken by a wildebeast in its annual migration from Kenya’s Masai Mara to the Serengeti. The leap is one of faith in life and the desire to survive. Man’s nation [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Mahmoud Darwish: “In everything there’s a being that suffers”: Two Poems from the Occupation

Palestinians fight to free a Palestinian boy held by an Israeli soldier during clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian protesters following a march against Palestinian land confiscation to expand the nearby Jewish Hallamish settlement on Friday in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh near Ramallah: photo by Abbas Momani/AFP, 28 August 2015 Source: [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: In the Dark

God protect us from generalizations. There are a great many opinions in this world, and a good half of them are professed by people who have never been in trouble. — Anton Chekhov (1860-1904): from At the Mill (1886) GREECE – Migrants comfort each other after they have reached the Greek island of Kos. By @atzortzinis #AFP: [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

TOM CLARK: Cecil the Lion, Meet Man the Killer

TOM CLARK: Cecil the Lion, Meet Man the Killer[ READ MORE ]

Paratactic “Correspondences”: Friedrich Hölderlin: Griechenland (Greece): “Toward wooded Avignon” | TOM CLARK

.Ways of the wanderer! For………………….Shadows of the trees And hills, under sun, where The path leads To the church, …………………..Rain   And trees, drowsing Beneath the heavy tread of the sun, For even so, even as it burns higher, Over the steaming cities Hang curtains of rain For like ivy it dangles Down without branches. Beautiful [&hellip[ READ MORE ]