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marlene mountain — ‘the japanese haiku’ and so on / INVIGILATOR

marlene mountain on INVIGILATOR

Ceci n’est pas un(e) haiku. ~ yours truly, df

Haikumania Project at Center for Digital Discourse and Culture

Haikumania Project at Center for Digital Discourse and Culture.

Won’t You Tell Me How To Mend This Broken Heart? / Little Onion

‘Shoah’ Director Claude Lanzmann / Der Spiegel

Dinner in Paris with French existentialist author Jean-Paul Sartre and the writer and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, with whom Lanzmann had a long-lasting affair.

Claude Lanzmann on Der Spiegel

The Innocence Mission / When Mac was swimming

Carolyn Forché Reads Her Poem, “The Lost Suitcase”

Conversation: Historian Sean Wilentz, Author of ‘Bob Dylan in America’ / Art Beat | PBS NewsHour

Bob Dylan by Sean Wilentz on Art Beat