Rare / Joel Sartore

BP Fails Booming School 101 Gulf Oil Spill

Mr. Bungle / What the World Needs Now (Burt Bacharach)

moment   by   moment         eternity

~ Donna Fleischer
(first publication)

Agnes Martin / An Interview

by way of
Pamela Robertson–Pearce,
artist /film-maker/writer

Barry Lopez / from “Crossing Open Ground”

The image I carry of Cortés setting fire to the aviaries in Mexico City that June day in 1521 is an image I cannot rid myself of. It stands, in my mind, for a fundamental lapse of wisdom in the European conquest of America, an underlying trouble in which political conquest, personal greed, revenge, and national pride outweigh what is innocent, beautiful, serene, and defenseless — the birds. The incineration of these creatures 450 years ago is not something that can be rectified today. Indeed, one could argue, the same oblivious irreverence is still with us, among those who would ravage and poison the earth to sustain the economic growth of Western societies. But Cortés’s act can be transcended. It is possible to fix in the mind that heedless violence, the hysterical cries of the birds, the stench of death, to look it square in the face and say that there is more to us than this, this will not forever distinguish us among the other cultures. It is possible to imagine that on the far side of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment we can recover threads of an earlier wisdom.

~ Barry Lopez

broadside extract from Vintage Books
to celebrate Earth Day and benefit
the Earth Island Institute. Printed by
Okeanos  Press, Oakland, 1990

And still it spills
2010 May 21
as I computer monitor a
Peregrine Falcon nurturing
her two three-day-old hatchlings,
having returned to this same spot
with her mate since 1997. May all
forms of life continue to find enough
safety. Remember the line in Jurassic
Park — “Life will find a way.”

~ Donna Fleischer

Nature is a presence not a permanence . . .

~ Gerald Vizeno
Modern Haiku, p. 39
vol xxxi no 1
winter – spring 2000
reposted from April 10, 2010