Ralph Nader / Our Cicero

Ralph Nader\’s 2010 Reading List — Common Dreams

Alice Neel / Kate Millett

Kate Millett, the brilliant scholar, writer, and artist, tore the roof off mainstream thought of the day with the publication of her Columbia University PhD dissertation, Sexual Politics (1970). Heralded by P. T. Clough as “the first book of academic feminist literary criticism” it stood patriarchy on its head, infusing the second wave of the women’s liberation  movement (misconstrued and backseated by most mainstream media as ‘women’s lib’) with lots of energy for the long haul. ~ yours truly, df

The paintings of New Yorker Alice Neel still shock / The Examiner


The paintings of New Yorker Alice Neel still shock.

Joseph Albers

Margaret Atwood, Poet, Novelist, and Goalie / from Lemon Hound

~ by way of lemon hound

Mitigating Annihilation / t r u t h o u t — Photo Essay by Dahr Jamail & Erika Blumenfeld

” . . . a pelican flies parallel to a red boom.” (Photo by Erika Blumenfeld © 2010)

t r u t h o u t | Mitigating Annihilation.

The Beach Boys / Caroline No