Ray Brown Trio feat. Regina Carter (violin) / Lady Be Good


Regina Carter / “Reverse Thread” (Live)

Roberta Flack / Angelitos Negros

Charles Bane, Jr / When something closes in

When something closes in
that changes or seems
to change the prospects
of the day, I think of you
and your voice on the phone.
I hear waves of you returned
from space in sound that circles
half in dark, half in light to find
my waiting call. Baby, you say
and I take my cell outside and
standing, lift my face.

Charles Bane, Jr
December 9, 2010

Isabelle Huppert as Maria Vial in “White Material” directed by Claire Denis / Planetº

Isabelle Huppert Interview

Anne Petermann (Global Justice Ecology Project) Debunks REDD at the UN Climate Talks / Democracy Now

Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Clay Shirky discuss internet freedom / BBC NewsNight

Video: Shirky & Taleb debate if internet is a tool for democracy