Off the scale: why Gerhard Richter towers above the artists of today / The Guardian

Artist of the photographic age ... German artist Gerhard Richter poses in front of his work titled Funeral. Photograph: Norbert Millauer/AFP/Getty Images

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Astronomy Photograph of the Day


Frosted Leaf Orion Credit & Copyright: Masahiro Miyasaka

Frosted Leaf Orion – Photograph by Masahiro Miyasaka

~ Thanks to Passion Task

Going to California: David Wilson / Art21 Blog

David Wilson

Miles Davis in Montreal (John Scofield on Guitar) / Time After Time

Francesco Tristano & Carl Craig / Bis 1: The Melody

Röyksopp / The Alcoholic

In Memoriam: Rozsika Parker, Feminist Art Historian and Activist / a year of positive thinking Mira Schor

Rozsika Parker