Joseph Albers


Margaret Atwood, Poet, Novelist, and Goalie / from Lemon Hound

~ by way of lemon hound

Mitigating Annihilation / t r u t h o u t — Photo Essay by Dahr Jamail & Erika Blumenfeld

” . . . a pelican flies parallel to a red boom.” (Photo by Erika Blumenfeld © 2010)

t r u t h o u t | Mitigating Annihilation.

The Beach Boys / Caroline No

no possess by Donna Fleischer | Charter Oak Poets ii

no possess

brutish light
serrates morning
in the body

fissures open
to dense loss
the shatter
of unknowable
knowing crouches
in the hard white house

eyes float
in their window ponds
and forgotten

~ Donna Fleischer
from Charter Oak Poets ii

Rewilding Ourselves As a Species

Photo by Jörg Klaus –

Ecology of the Mind | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters.

The mamas take their place with the dadas / The Art Newspaper

Emmy Hennings, 1917. Nachlass Hugo Ball and Emmy Hennings/Robert Walser-Stiftung

The mamas take their place with the dadas | The Art Newspaper.