goldfinch flash by Donna Fleischer | bottle rockets #6

goldfinch flash
in cloudless blue remains
of a thunderstorm . . .
seed heads float by
at eye level


~ Donna Fleischer
bottle rockets Spring 2002, #6



Joseph Beuys / WW2 Until His Death in 1886 — Part One of Seven

~ by way of  HTMLGiant

Dan Stevens / Grand Central Station, NYC

Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens Facebook music video

Blues musician Dan Stevens says: “Played in Grand Central Station, NYC again the other day. I’m on the roster of a program called Music Under New York and play in the subways in places like Times Square, Union Square and Harlem. If I can figure it out, I’ll post a video of me playing my new blues guitar made out of a cigar box and a stick. Lots of the old blues guys started out on them. This one was made by friend and local genius, Jason May.”

You can catch him tonight on Bank Street in New London, CT at Chaplins.

Independence Day . . . / Anis Shivani, The Huffington Post

Copper Canyon Press

Independence Day: 15 Feisty Small Presses . . .

~ and word pond favorites: Mountains & Rivers Press, and last, always first, Longhouse ~

Amy Winehouse / Tears Dry on Their Own — Live

Trio / Da, Da, Da

Laura Nyro / He’s a Runner — Live, January 15, 1969