Julia Child / the art of the omelette

~ bon appetit, Dr. Caligari’s Cabinet

from C a f é o l o g Ÿ

C a f é o l o g Ÿ

What’s Under Your Hat? / Ovation (including Roger Cardinal)

What’s Under Your Hat? – Ovation.

~ thank you to artist and poet marlene mountain for sharing this

Jónsi & Nico Muhly / Go Do @ Bethnal Green Live Sessions

~ thanks to the painter, Aleks Soma Konlenovic, and the graphic artist, Keith Edwards, for bringing this home to me ~ df

Chimamanda Adichie: “The danger of the single story”

~ many thanks to the poet, Tyrone McDonald, for sharing this & teaching me ~ df


from silence

with silence


& august

deep in summer

where i look for you

Donna Fleischer
August 14, 2010

The Perseids of August 14, 2010

The peak of the Perseids meteor shower for viewing is 8 pm until midnight .

“A whirling light on the slopes of rushes . . . the dew of evening and the sweat of the stars are paired . . . in the avalanche of milk from the fierce stars . . . The last hem of the breezes, there where the pheasant of the moon flees and dies . . .  Thus do ships lie down in the silver storm . . . It is in the sweet escape called the future, an escape that is always possible, that the stars that until now have bent over our distress are resorbed . . . the shadow of trees, the whirling shadow of dust, to come to grips with our shadow . . . my eyes were only a shadow-theater.”

– André Breton