Dutch 17th-Century Painter Gabriel Metsu / Opening Exhibition in the National Gallery of Ireland

Gabriel Metsu via artdaily.org


Their watching faces,
as I walk the autumn road
make me a traveler

Richard Wright

Angela Davis: Professor, Democratic Socialist, Prison Abolitionist / The Black Scholars Index

Angela Davis

After the Party: Music and the Black Panthers / The Guardian

After the Party: Music and the Black Panthers | Music | The Guardian.

when the nightingale
moves into the pine . . .
voice of the pine

David G. Lanoue, trans.

Ralph Nader: Honoring Those Who Toil / CommonDreams.org

Honoring Those Who Toil | CommonDreams.org.

~ word pond also wishes to honor the women who apprentice and achieve the level of master journeyman in the trades while making a home for their families.

Mandrill / Afrikus Retrospectus