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Rickey Laurentiis / Final Poem for the Body — from Poets for Living Waters

Photograph by Rachel Eliza Griffiths

Final Poem for the Body

(New Orleans, LA)


There are two tragedies to life, Father.

The first: that we must be born.

We must be born to place with no

obligation to us. This earth

will just as soon fill a lake as it will

a city. If I know this theory of science,

it is because I know nothing else.

I have faith, you could say.

Father, not since that time years ago

have I felt so solid.

Not since that time I suspended

as a single cell have I loved every part of myself.

When mind and body was one. In a circle,

where there is no competition.

When mind didn’t tell body you are

a sickness: you exist to let others know

they are well. Deep inside my mother,

something moved to release me: I let out

the thunder-cry. That is the second tragedy:

we know we must be born. Continue reading

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Bird's eye view ... Lucian Freud with a kestral in Small Gestures in Bare Rooms. Photograph: Tim Meara

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Gulf Oil Disaster: Well Bore Structure Compromised “Down Hole”

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