Casual, sudsy
social love
at the tubs

After all, ecstasy
can’t be constant

Lorine Niedecker
North Central

Eileen Myles / Inferno (a poet’s novel)

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Clare and the Reasons: That’s All (Genesis Cover)

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The Poetry of Cid Corman by Lorine Niedecker

Niedecker by Jonathan Williams

Longhouse Publishers

Niedecker & Corman

Review of Gustaf Sobin’s “Collected Poems” / R A I N T A X I o n l i n e Summer 2010

R A I N T A X I o n l i n e Summer 2010.

‘Do Me That Love’, a poem by Kenneth Patchen

‘Do Me That Love’

Do me that love
As a tree, tree
Where birds and wind
Sing though they know
How real night is
And no one can
Go on for long
In any way
Do me that love

Do me that love
As the rain, rain
That has voices
In it, the greats’
And fools’, poor dead
From old weathers —
Lives considered
And rejected
As ours will be.
The rain comes down
And flowers grow
On the graves of
Our enemies
Do me that love

~ Kenneth Patchen
Red Wine  and Yellow Hair (1949)

Amy King / “Slaves to Do These Things” reviewed by Ana Božičević

Tarpaulin Sky Reviews & Interviews: Amy King’s Slaves to Do These Things, reviewed by Ana Božičević.