in between petals, a haiku by Donna Fleischer

in between petals

of a tiny white daisy

this shifting world

~ Donna Fleischer

in Seed Packets,

a bottle rockets press anthology, 2010


Calendar doesn’t say Spring, but the cold rain in the rootstocks and legions of robins, know otherwise. Brought home Jane Reichhold’s “Basho The Complete Haiku” (Kodansha:Tokyo, 2008); and, French philosopher and semiologist, Roland Barthes’s “A Lover’s Discourse, Fragments” (Hill and Wang: NY, 1977, translated from the French by Richard Howard). To set off on a pilgrimage in the dark, cold rain is near to Barthes figuration: “To try to write love is to confront the muck of language: that region of hysteria where language is both too much and too little, excessive and impoverished.” ~ Donna Fleischer

The great contemporary Spanish painter, Antonio Lopez Garcia, painted a Quince Tree, Arbol de membrillo (see the extraordinary film about this, “Dream of Light”, 1992). Lopez once said: “My insistence on painting quince trees is due to the fact that just by looking at them, they convey the beauty of life to me. The aroma of the fruit excites me, and when I sit in the shadow of a quince, it’s as if I were sitting beside someone truly charitable.” (“Antonio Lopez Garcia”, MFA Publications:Boston, 2008, p. 126)

pulling the dark net

to his wee boat at dawn

September moon slips through

~ Donna Fleischer

from the haibun, “On Usedom”  in Presence #40 2010

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