Panties for Peace in Myanmar / Associated Content

Panties for Peace Movement

Victoria de los Angeles / Sephardic songs (private film) 3-20-79

Rebecca Lowry / REGARD.

Rebecca Lowry – REGARD.


the porcelain in the bells

October wind

Donna Fleischer

A Demonstration Against the “Rot” in Denmark / Sea Shepherd

Captain Paul Watson, Lamya Essemlali, Christophe Marie, and Francois Xavier Pelletier with the body of a baby pilot whale and National Police in front of the Danish Embassy in Paris

Baby Pilot Whales Slaughtered in Faeroe Islands

Gay Student’s Death Highlights Troubling Trend / CBS Evening News

Tyler Clementi

Rutgers University Student Tyler Clementi Commits Suicide

Yoko Ono’s “Das Gift” Exhibition / Haunch of Venison, Berlin / More Intelligent Life

A GIFT FOR BERLIN | More Intelligent Life.

You really don’t have to struggle so much,” she said with a convincing smile. “Each one of us is so beautiful. So we’ll make it.”  ~ Yoko Ono