Ariel Pink / Round and Round from Haunted Graffiti


LCD Soundsystem / Drunk Girls

~ hello carnivale!

Green Design Will Save the World: Musicians’ Housing has Parasitic Rooms and Skylight Pyramids / Inhabitat

musicians\’ housing in Netherlands

bus shelter as installation / the art of Ethan Boisvert

newly painted bus shelter at corner of Farmington & Main

The West Hartford Art League of Connecticut commissioned the artist Ethan Boisvert to paint a bus shelter for this year’s ArtWalk exhibit. And what a perfect fit it is, especially for this area in particular as it is situated near the main thoroughfare in West Hartford, CT, Greater Hartford’s crown in the jewel [sic].

Generally speaking, Boisvert’s large-scale abstract work is all about movement through his use of color fields which he places according to how they will “sound” with one another. According to an artist statement his use of color, line quality and pattern have many influences ranging from the Fauves of Europe in the early 1900s,  “through the 1950’s New York school with the large canvases and loose brush strokes to the arenas of the Pop movement that embrace pattern.”

Ethan Boisvert’s art and this transmogrified bus shelter stand at the intersection of art, commerce, and the natural world. Where else may one wait for a late bus still wrapped in a smile? yours truly, df

Romulus / Sufjan Stevens

“Say Hello” — Cover Song of Sufjan Stevens / Rosie Thomas

Blues Control / Rest on Water (Official Video)