Their watching faces,
as I walk the autumn road
make me a traveler

Richard Wright

Angela Davis: Professor, Democratic Socialist, Prison Abolitionist / The Black Scholars Index

Angela Davis

After the Party: Music and the Black Panthers / The Guardian

After the Party: Music and the Black Panthers | Music | The Guardian.

when the nightingale
moves into the pine . . .
voice of the pine

David G. Lanoue, trans.

Ralph Nader: Honoring Those Who Toil /

Honoring Those Who Toil |

~ word pond also wishes to honor the women who apprentice and achieve the level of master journeyman in the trades while making a home for their families.

Mandrill / Afrikus Retrospectus

Dolphin UPDATE

This updates  a report posted here at word pond on September 2. Paul Watson, Captain of the Sea Shepherd, stated today that of the ten dolphins captured at The Cove in Taiji, Japan, nine were released into the open sea and the tenth is being transported to an aquarium. He is convinced that public opinion made the difference.