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Reaching for the Moon – International trailer – YouTube

A film interested in truth and beauty captures truth and beauty in Elizabeth Bishop’s poems and her lesbian relationship with Lota de Macedo Soares, a Brazilian architect, who built her a house in Brazil.

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Naples and Hartford in Season: This Time of the Year


If you want to feed two struggling species — monarch butterflies and bees — plant purple asters.

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ECO – Strange Loop Games


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Climate Fortnite Squad’s first win! – YouTube

Le proche et le lointain – vengodalmare


qui tour à tour me regarde,

regarde les nuages,

je te sens,

quand tu me regardes, si lointain,

quand tu regardes les nuages, si proche.

Gu Cheng



who turns to look at me,

look at the clouds,


I smell you,

when you look at me, so far away,

when you look at the clouds, so close.


Gu Cheng

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Tarde Em Itapoã – Joyce and Maria Bethânia – YouTube