LOUISE LANDES LEVI | A Longhouse Birdhouse

O Ancestors,
Be in my embrace,
don’t know
who’s us & who’s here &
who are you, awake in my dream
I dream whose Vaster Continent,
in my bed, in my bed

If capitalism constructed the figure of the housewife, then women can disassemble them both. : : dpr – barcelona


Carrie Mae Weems. The Kitchen Table Series (1990).

the disassembly of capitalism and housewife at dpr – barcelona

An Anarchist Primer | autonomies


An Anarchist Primer | autonomies

Fleur Jaeggy

“Stefan Zweig, in his 1941 autobiography, “The World of Yesterday”—one of the great accounts of life in Europe in the first part of the twentieth century—writes about the artists he met in Paris, three decades earlier, who were scattered and destroyed in the murders, exiles, and chaos of two world wars. He describes writers like Rilke, who wanted only “to link verse to verse perfectly in quiet yet passionate endeavor.” “You felt almost ashamed to look at them,” he writes, “for they led such quiet lives, as if inconspicuous or invisible.” This is the Mitteleuropa lineage that produces, in our day, a writer like Fleur Jaeggy.”  – Sheila Heti

The Austere Fiction of Fleur Jaeggy | The New Yorker

with a tip of the hat to A Longhouse Birdhouse

Galway Kinnell


Galway Kinnell’s “Collected Poems.” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ) | LA Times

Vengodalmare – O mundo é um moinho – Cartola

O mundo é um moinho – Cartola

Geri Allen