First Known When Lost: Beauty

First Known When Lost

I never had noticed it until
‘Twas gone, — the narrow copse
Where now the woodman lops
The last of the willows with his bill.

It was not more than a hedge overgrown.
One meadow’s breadth away
I passed it day by day.
Now the soil is bare as a bone,

And black betwixt two meadows green,
Though fresh-cut faggot ends
Of hazel make some amends
With a gleam as if flowers they had been.

Strange it could have hidden so near!
And now I see as I look
That the small winding brook,
A tributary’s tributary, rises there.

Edward Thomas, in Edna Longley (editor), Edward Thomas: The Annotated Collected Poems (Bloodaxe Books 2008).

Source: First Known When Lost: Beauty

A Lump of Rock, an Otter and a Secessionist – The New York Times

Janine Pommy Vega – Dall’altra parte del tavolo – Casa della poesia – YouTube

Source: A Longhouse Birdhouse: ACROSS THE TABLE ~

Kenneth Patchen – “Do Me That Love”

‘Do Me That Love’

Do me that love
As a tree, tree
Where birds and wind
Sing though they know
How real night is
And no one can
Go on for long
In any way
Do me that love

Do me that love
As the rain, rain
That has voices
In it, the greats’
And fools’, poor dead
From old weathers —
Lives considered
And rejected
As ours will be.
The rain comes down
And flowers grow
On the graves of
Our enemies
Do me that love

~ Kenneth Patchen
from Red Wine  and Yellow Hair (1949)

“La Poésie te trouve”: A. Zanzotto e H. Sugimoto – vengodalmare

Source: “La Poésie te trouve”: A. Zanzotto e H. Sugimoto  – vengodalmare

Today’s Haiku (April 10, 2017) | Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi)


面倒な奴で結構磯巾着  津野利行

mendô na yatsu de kekkô isoginchaku

no problem

to be called nuisance

sea anemone

Toshiyuki Tsuno
translation by Fay Aoyagi

Source: Today’s Haiku (April 10, 2017) | Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi)

Summer Showers | Bending moments

summer showers

a trail of paw prints

to the curled form


– madhuri

Source: Summer Showers | Bending moments