Some Poems by Donna Fleischer

“The Pine Needle”.The Fortnightly Review, New Series, United Kingdom, 1.17.2023

“Wheel of Summer”, Drifting Sands Journal of Haibun and Tanka, issue 16, July 2022, pp 73-74

“How to Teach Mountain Meadow Grasses to Grow Less Than a Foot High”, Circumference,Issue 5, June-July 2022, pp 49-51

“As If It Might Be Cold” in The Helix , 2022

“Merrill’s Question”, “To Be a Man”, and “Phil’s Song” at EOAGH, 2022

Last of August, 2020″ in Contemporary Haibun, 17:2, 2021

“As If Covid Changes Nothing” and “Our Smallish Valentine” in Circumference, 2021

“Rapture in Oneiric Blue” in Hundred Heroines, 2020

“The Black Swans of Ellen Carey: Of Necessary Poetic Realities”, exhibition catalogue essay (2014) in Hundred Heroines
“Insert Poetry Everywhere Anywhere Here.” in The End of the World Project, Volume 1, 2019

2 Poems by Donna Fleischer – Dispatches from the Poetry Wars 10.3.18

“<Periodic Earth>” A Review in Galatea Resurrects, 2018

“Charred Edges” in Marsh Hawk Press Review, 2017

“November” in MayDay Magazine, 2016

“Open Joy” in Otoliths 2016

“A Meditation on the Unexpected” and “Sugar Fini” in Otoliths, 2016

Again” and “World Cross Over” in Otoliths

“Fudezuka” in TRUCK, 2015

“Mountain Meadow #71” in Poets for Living Waters, 2014

“Aurora Corona” in Spiral Orb, 2014

“Kingdom of the Pansy” in Contemporary Haibun, 2012

FIELD NOTES from Indra’s Net “and pretty soon there’s my arm?”, The Operating System, 2012

“kHyal’s barcelona” in On Barcelona, 2012

“The American Haibun”, a short essay, and “On Usedom” in Lilliput Review, 2011

“bird without wing” and “The Red Photogram” in Blogging Along Tobacco Road, 2011

indra’s net, 2003, is out of print and may be read here for free at Scribd

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