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The Quarantine Tapes 008: Simon Critchley | The Quarantine Tapes

Robert Kelly, Playwright | Nomadics


Robert Kelly, Playwright.

Mira Schor / Confessions of a Yellow Dog Democrat

from Mira Schor

Confessions of a Yellow Dog Democrat

Hear ye, hear ye: National mid-term elections are tomorrow, November, 2, 2010, the first Tuesday of November. If anyone needs a gentle prod toward the voting booth, please read Mira Schor’s blog essay, “Confessions of a Yellow Dog Democrat” at  A Year of Positive Thinking. It is rich with our American political history, reason, remarkable references including Aeschylus, superb writing, and love of democracy. Well, count me in — I’m a yellow dog democrat, too. Only wish there was one green candidate on a local ballot in my town. Maybe next year . . . .  ~ yours truly, df