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Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg: The dream of better – YouTube


The Last Instance – Uchromia | Alexander R. Galloway

Liz Deschenes, “Tilt / Swing #4B” (2009).

Source: The Last Instance | Alexander R. Galloway

Killing the Moonlight: Modernism in Venice by Jennifer Scappettone | Columbia University Press

Book Details : Killing the Moonlight.
(part one)  (part two)

Heriberto Yépez: Ethopoetics, What Is It? | Jacket2


Writers, thinkers, intellectuals, artists, ¡poets! Need to heal themselves (from themselves) in order to become true visionaries.  We haven’t done that — that’s the only task that completely matters right now. But what is happening now? In Latin America, in Spain, in Europe, in China, in Japan, in America, in Russia, in everyplace the human mind is afraid of being an animal still evolving—and after the big upheaval we are living a return to the old models of poet as man-of-letters, and ‘artists’ as man-of-walls, though by way of post-modern disguises! Deceit yourselves! Or use all your irony or all your critical theory you can to hide from what you deeply know! Poets have to become knowers. **** Poetry then means the new-making of oneself.– Heriberto Yépez

Heriberto Yépez: Ethopoetics, What Is It?

Histories of Lived Experience | Knowledge Ecology


Image: Edward Burtynsky

Histories of Lived Experience | Knowledge Ecology.

“What Inspires Me is Feeling” by Jeff Koons | Art in America


“What Inspires Me is Feeling”: Jeff Koons – Magazine – Art in America.

A NEW POETICS OF DASEIN Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei | Hyperion on the future of aesthetics


Orpheus by Franz von Stuck, 1891

A NEW POETICS OF DASEIN Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei

The Story of Orpheus