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Beauty, Lies & Sontag | 3 Quarks Daily

Susan Sontag

Source: Beauty, Lies & Sontag | 3 Quarks Daily

Supportive relationships during childhood lead to longer lives – FOOTSTEPS revealed

After years of theories and generalized assumptions, research has finally identified some aspects of childhood linked to people living longer. Individuals brought up in families with a higher socioeconomic status were more optimistic in middle age and, in turn, lived longer. Those who have experienced more psychosocial stress factors, such as the death of parents, frequent stress and harsh discipline, tended to encounter more stressful life events in middle-aged and had a higher risk of dying. – Daniel Corbo

Source: Supportive relationships during childhood lead to longer lives – FOOTSTEPS revealed

Barbara Ehrenreich – Why are the poor blamed and shamed for their deaths? | The Guardian

Ehrenreich: ‘Friends berate me for my heavy use of butter.’ Photograph: Stephen Voss for the Guardian

Source: Why are the poor blamed and shamed for their deaths? | Life and style | The Guardian

Small stuff ~ Mindful Writing Challenge #7 | Awoodlandrose’s Blog

I went to Trader Joe’s today and for those unfamiliar with the chain store – it started out as a quirky yet more-or-less healthy food store easy on the pocketbook. Lots of hard-to-find at-such-good prices non-artisinal yet wholesome foods. One cannot leave the store without buying more than he or she came in for thus negating the low-cost teaser.

My shopping list consisted of:

Frozen brown rice and decaffeinated Irish tea.

What I came away with:

A spray of Eucalyptus
13 Stems of yellow African rosebuds
1 Bag of 3 Organic romaine hearts
2 Tins of peppermint hot chocolate
2 Organic Jasmine rice – frozen
3 Organic brown rice – frozen
1 Bag of sweet Meyers lemons (4)
1 Bag organic lemons (4)
3 Organic bananas
2 Pomegranates
1 large shell of blackberries

Total outlay = $55.56

All I needed was some rice and tea.

with a hint of peppermint –
my sixtieth birthday

ag ~ 2013
Awoodlandrose’s Blog.

The list alone beckons the senses; the haiku is deep-rooted. Isn’t Irish tea just the best?! (Kenyan, a close second).  Sixty is also grand. A heck of a haibun on the contemporary food gathering journey and ageing. ~ Donna Fleischer