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Kevin Killian

At a crazy hotel in Providence and getting ready to receive a poet whom I planned to photograph nearly naked, I saw a mirror hung so low you couldn’t help but wonder, was this mirror placed so as to allow guests an intimate check of their genitalia? It flashed on me that using this mirror I might be able to photograph X with his face and his butt in the same frame—ever my goal. I stepped in and tried to see if it could be made to work, thus appearing in my own selfie as a stand-in for another; literally a body double. In that light I began to wonder if poetry could be made up of a series of John the Baptist-like pictures that somehow prefigure the “real thing,” an event in poetry which would render it pointless. Can the selfie stand apart from the well-rehearsed complaints people like Susan Sontag make about the photograph—that it can never be anything more than a representation of a reality dead at the moment of conception? Mightn’t it be a spell cast about the future? I think so; however, whether that’s a radical act or not IDK, wouldn’t bet my ass on it.

Poet Selfies ‹ Literary Hub.

Floating Wolf Quarterly #9 — Alex Dimitrov

We Sleep a Little and We Live

It’s some day today, isn’t it?
Someone’s birthday or deathday,
yes that day, today is an ecstatically sad day.
Christopher, don’t you know
we could fall in love so fast
if you only meet me for a drink at six?
All my friends are broke and lonely.
They’re smoking now in their leather jackets
trying to say something about kissing
in a poem or a novel maybe.
Except my friend Rachel who doesn’t smoke
and writes about paintings
and beautiful things—Rachel!
Don’t you know you are
my favorite person in the world.
Not any other world but this one,
which we know so well because we’re in it.
Yes, the winter’s fast approaching
and on this, the saddest day,
Fifth Avenue is cold and crying
like the blond poet sipping his coffee
outside New York University.
Why should he listen to the man who says
he has no reason to be sad because he’s young?
It’s some day today, some place
this place we live in.
I’ll never get over the fact
that the buildings all light up at night,
and the night comes every night
and without regret we let it go.
We sleep a little and we live.
That’s what we do.
Alex Dimitrov

Floating Wolf Quarterly #9 — Alex Dimitrov.

A Poem for America by Alex Dimitrov / Poets & Writers



A Poem for America | Poets & Writers.

Tim Dlugos — “The Truth” / Poetry Foundation

The Truth


Every time I use
my language, I tell
the truth. A cat
in a white collar,
like a priest with calico
fur, walks across the dead
grass of the yard, and out
through the white fence. The sun’s
strong, but the colors of the lawn
were washed out by the winter, not the light.
February. Stained glass window of the house
next door takes the sun’s full brunt.
It must look spectacular
to the neighbor in my head,
a white-haired woman with an air
of dignity and grace, who
through pools of the intensest
colors climbs the flight of stairs.
I’ve never seen it,
but I know it’s there.


~ a shout out to Alex Dimitrov for sharing this

“What is important now is to recover our senses. We must learn to see more, to hear more, to feel more.”  ~ Susan Sontag, by way of Alex Dimitrov

Dean Young Needs a Heart — NOW! / Silliman’s Blog

Dean Young

National Foundation for Transplants


Thanks to Ron Silliman and Alex Dimitrov for making me aware of Dean Young’s plight.

Alex Dimitrov, Wilde Boy / Lambda Literary



Alex Dimitrov, Wilde Boy — Lambda Literary.

Prayer in Hell’s Kitchen

I need an image to begin
like the city needs another face

thrown to the pavement,
kneeled on and stained.

Hell’s Kitchen knows
how to welcome a stranger.

Wilde ones, let us forgive
the bitter pill delivered

with each finger shoved down.
Forgive tasting Judas. Forgive nothing.

Here is the bed, dark like a true beginning.

We all enter the body alone
and only once.

We do not get to stay.

Alex Dimitrov
From the Fishouse


Alex Dimitrov / From the Fishouse


Smoking a cigarette with Rimbaud in Paris

Alex Dimitrov – American Youth: From the Fishouse.

A message from Lady Gaga to the Senate Sept 16, 2010

~ My thanks to the poet and writer Alex Dimitrov for sharing this. In his words, “Bring it girl.”