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ursprache: real sentiment


real sentiment

     Remind me how we loved our mother’s body
our mouths drawing the first
thin sweetness from her nipples

our faces dreaming hour on hour
in the salt smell of her lap Remind me
how her touch melted childgrief

how she floated great and tender in our dark
or stood guard over us
against our willing

Women performing traditional roles are no longer to be ridiculed but rather understood as products of an oppressive order, with, even so, valuable qualities. The terms of evaluation chosen here may strike some readers as verging on sentimentality, but definitions of sentimentality are always culturally determined: it is not a timeless, abstract quality. (When the word “sentimental” was coined in the eighteenth century, it was used in praiseful contexts.) Direct expression of tender feelings in these lines is not doubt part of the women’s aesthetic Rich has been searching for; in any case, the poem has renounced most of the irony and intellectual artillery of her earlier work. If writing tenderly means losing some readers, Rich is prepared to do so, on the chance that she may be making available feelings formerly dismissed as unacceptable for art. Any occasion for reexamining aesthetic strictures ought, of course, to be welcomed. Do we go to poetry mainly to sharpen the psychic (or conversational) defenses useful in daily life or to gain access to feelings we haven’t, for whatever reason, acknowledged?

– Alfred Corn, “Contemporary Poetry’s Mother Tongues,” Atlas: Selected Essays, 1989-2007 (University of Michigan Press, 2009)

ursprache: real sentiment.

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An Interview with the American Poet Charles Bane Jr / with R. Jeffreys on Blog Talk Radio

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A Radio Interview with Charles Bane Jr


“We aren’t used, in this ravaged era, to poems of happiness, and yet that rarity is what Charles Bane, Jr., offers us.  An offering it is, nor can we doubt that this poet conceives poetry as a sacramental endeavor, with human love as our nearest approach to the divine. He takes Buber’s “I and Thou” a step further to form what he calls a,”monotheism of we.”  Judaism is supremely the religion of reinterpretation, and this poet’s embodiment of it demonstrates that historical tragedy finds its best answer in the tender bonds we form in order to choose not death but life.” – Alfred Corn, American poet & essayist

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