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Zeitgeist Spam: Anarchist bodhicitta

Source: Zeitgeist Spam: Anarchist bodhicitta

Rojava at risk « immanence

The Rojava Emergency Committee is asking that U.S. citizens urge their congressional and Senate representatives, as well as Elliot Engel, incoming Democratic chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, not to withdraw from Rojava. Please do that if you care about the largest stateless nation in the world (which happens to be building what’s probably the largest experiment in anarcha-feminist radical eco-democracy history has seen).


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Source: Rojava at risk « immanence



PennSound: Hugh MacDiarmid

The Watergaw*


One wet, early evening in the sheep-shearing season
I saw that occasional, rare thing —
broken shaft of a rainbow with its trembling light
Beyond the downpour of the rain
And I thought of the last, wild look you gave
Before you died.


The skylark’s nest was dark and desolate,
My heart was too
But I have thought of that foolish light
Ever since then
And I think that perhaps at last I know
What your look meant then.



Ae weet forenicht i the yow-trummle
I saw yon antrin thing.
A watergaw wi its chitterin licht
Ayont the on-ding;
An I thocht o the last wild look ye gied
Afore ye deed!


There was nae reek i the laverock’s hoose
That nicht-an nane i mine;
But I hae thocht o that foolish licht
Ever sin syne;
An I think that mebbe at last I ken
What your look meant then.


*In MacDiarmid’s words: “A watergaw is a broken rainbow, a broken shaft of a rainbow that you can see sometimes between clouds — not a complete arc, the broken shaft of the rainbow.”

Scottish Poets Hugh MacDiarmid and Sorley MacLean in Correspondence

Hugh MacDiarmid reads “The Watergaw”, The Glass of Pure Water”, and other poems at PennSound:


Source: PennSound: Hugh MacDiarmid

Katerina Gogou / Κατερίνα Γώγου


Ah, my companion
poetry: Katerina Gogou
music: Nikos Kallitsis
vocals: Martha Frintzila
“Up and down Patission”

Ah, my companion, how we miss you. . .

The time has become filled with worms
nuclear tests, popular fronts,
bordellos and multinationals,
they don’t allow us to love.

Ah, my companion, how we miss you. . .

You know it, what is there for me to tell you.
And afterwards they got together on it.
In China, January of ’77, they slaughter workers

Ah, my companion, why weren’t you careful
why weren’t you more careful?

Here, the same. They hide in their shells, the people.

Ah, if you only knew, companion, what a heavy load we carry. . .
In that way you appear a little weak, you crossed over

Ah, my companion, why weren’t you careful
why weren’t you more careful?

Ah, my companion who did not betray us
we are living in a barbarous world. . .

(translation: Eva Johanos
*”Katerina Gogou, Up and down Patission,” (book with cd), published by Odos Panos, 2012.”The views of Katerina Gogou on loneliness, and 20 of her poems set to music”,’a selective publication dedicated to the poet and actress Katerina Gogou, [1940-1993])

Katerina Gogou / Κατερίνα Γώγου | Love Song for Greece

An Anarchist Primer | autonomies


An Anarchist Primer | autonomies

Gogou, Katerina: Athens’ anarchist poetess, 1940-1993



“Don’t you stop me. I am dreaming.
We lived centuries of injustice bent over.
Centuries of loneliness.
Now don’t. Don’t you stop me.
Now and here, for ever and everywhere.
I am dreaming freedom.
Though everyone’s
All-beautiful uniqueness
To reinstitute
The harmony of the universe.
Lets play. Knowledge is joy.
Its not school conscription.
I dream because I love.
Great dreams in the sky.
Workers with their own factories
Contributing to world chocolate making.
I dream because I KNOW and I CAN.
Banks give birth to “robbers”.
Prisons to “terrorists”.
Loneliness to “misfits”.
Products to “need”
Borders to armies.
All caused by property.
Violence gives birth to violence.
Don’t now. Don’t you stop me.
The time has come to reinstitute
the morally just as the ultimate praxis.
To make life into a poem.
And life into praxis.
It is a dream that I can I can I can
I love you
And you do not stop me nor am I dreaming. I live.
I reach my hands
To love to solidarity
To Freedom.
As many times as it takes all over again.
I defend ANARCHY.


A biography of Katerina Gogou the anarchist poetess of Exarcheia.

Source: Gogou, Katerina: Athens’ anarchist poetess, 1940-1993

Concerning the Violent Peace-Police – An Open Letter to Chris Hedges / n + 1

n + 1

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