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Photogram by Ellen Carey and Poem by Donna Fleischer Celebrate Two Art Forms at Hundred Heroines


Dings & Shadows (2018) © Ellen Carey


Donna’s poem – “Rapture in Oneiric Blue” – celebrates Anna Atkins, whose cyanotypes produced a Prussian blue — the word “cyan” means  “blue” — and Hundred Heroines is honoring Atkins, the 19th century British pioneer, who had many firsts: first female practitioner in photography, she made the first photo-book; first to use text in and around her unique photograms of nature found in her botanical studies; and first in colour/color . . . . and Donna’s poem highlights light and color with Carey, in the 21st century, made in the  “light-tight” darkroom, where no light is allowed, except upon exposure. Thank you, Donna, for your wonderful poetry and more, on Ellen Carey’s work at or Wikipedia.  – Ellen Carey

Source: Rapture in Oneiric Blue – Hundred Heroines

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Past Picture: Photography and the Chemistry of Intention | Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA), Toronto

Anna Atkins, Polypodium crenatum, Norway, 1854, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography FestivalPast Picture: Photography and the Chemistry of Intention.

Shadow Catchers: Camera-less Photography / 3 quarks daily


Floris Neusüss, Untitled, (Körperfotogramm), Berlin, 1962

Shadow Catchers Exhibition at the V&A