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Mortal Soul, Moral Soul | Lapham’s Quarterly

The Veteran in a New Field (detail), by Winslow Homer, 1865. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bequest of Miss Adelaide Milton de Groot (1876–1967), 1967.

What happens when private grief becomes common experience?


In Antarctica a human voice — depending on air temperature, wind direction, the quality of the ice to refract sound—can be heard almost two miles away. There are few places of such silence on this earth. But there are other ways, if we have the desire and the will, to hear voices from a distance, even when that silence is gone. And it can still be found in our communion with literature, with art — a deep privacy that is simultaneously the voice of one mind, one soul, to another. There is no redemption in history. The dead remain where they are buried. But memory knows that the dead will float to the surface of the river. Memory knows the dead can read.

In your hands, my hunger. 

Anne Michaels

Source: Mortal Soul, Moral Soul | Lapham’s Quarterly

Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson – vengodalmare

in copertina
“Susana Gomez San Segundo”
Craigie Horsfield, 2006

Source: Alice Moore Dunbar-Nelson – vengodalmare

#9 summer summit 2018 – Rough Ideas

You see, the artist lives by perception. So that what we make, is what we feel. The making of something is not just construction. It’s all about feeling.
– Agnes Martin

Source: #9 summer summit 2018 – Rough Ideas

Portrait of a Lady on Fire, a Queer Homage to the Labor of Women Artists

From Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019), dir. Céline Sciamma (all images courtesy of Pyramide Films)

More than being one of the greatest lesbian romances, Céline Sciamma’s latest is a beautiful film about artistic labor and the social contexts that uplift some artists above others.

Source: Portrait of a Lady on Fire, a Queer Homage to the Labor of Women Artists

Ian Hamilton Finlay in 1983 – YouTube

Dozens of Museums Will Be Filled With Feminist Art Ahead of US Presidential Election

“Stigmata” (2011) by Linda Stark, from the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive; purchase made possible through a gift of the Paul L. Wattis Foundation. (all images courtesy of BAMPFA)

The Feminist Art Coalition has coordinated with museums nationwide to display feminist art in anticipation of the 2020 election.

Source: Dozens of Museums Will Be Filled With Feminist Art Ahead of US Presidential Election

Seeds of Change: A Botany of Colonization

Maria Thereza Alves’ project Seeds of Change is a fascinating and deliberate statement on the history of colonization being deeply embedded in the landscape of major cities around the world, including New York.

Source: Seeds of Change: A Botany of Colonization