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Tarbox Ramblers – Ashes to Ashes

The Force of Silence, by Donna Fleischer

The Force of Silence


walk through snowfall –
a life can be made up
of anything that rushes to disappear
yet not unlike sudden snowdrifts
accrues shape with
or without anyone there

on the outerside of window glass
snow frozen      in an act of melting
by the dark      closing in      curls
in a wave against windowlight,
heaves up its awful cold,
protects what is underneath

the silence seems wise
but it doesn’t know
why or how far inward
the way out lost direction,
only that it turns violently into itself, for safety,
scorches feeling

breath ashes fly up
the dark draft of sky
and are nothing


Donna Fleischer
Charter Oak Poets ii

‎”Smoking” by Wáng Háomíng / translation by Jan Walls

by Wáng Háomíng

Flick after flick
the ashes of life

“抽烟” 王豪鸣

Jan Walls, translation

ashes by Taro Kunugi

of generations of people
cherry blossoms

Taro Kunugi
April 7, 2011