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Sean Bonney’s Hate Poems « Post45


The text of ruminations then commences:

On appelle Calendrier le decoupage et l’étiquetage des morceaux de temps. C’est grâce à ce classement que nous nous retrouvons dans le dévidage de l’existence.

Sans calendrier nous ne serions bougrement pas à la noce: on vivoterait à l”aveuglette, kif-kif les animaux.

The calendar is our name for the cutting up and labeling of bits of time. It’s thanks to this arrangement we that can find our way around in the unraveling of existence.

Without the calendar we wouldn’t be in such a fucking mess: we’d scrape by blindly, same as the animals.25

“Same as the animals” also means, or will do as code for, “who gives a fuck.” Blah blah. “We both know what that means.”

Blah blah is also an associative trigger that the poem sees coming. The excoriation sets off a memory prepared earlier. The next sentence is “It put me in mind of the mass incineration of farm animals that happened in Britain, in 2001.” The shift up into a literary idiom (“it put me in mind of”) is subtly, but clearly, stagy: the poet is not just thinking of something, he is performing a reminiscence. The text knows that the scene brought in for the purpose of this reminiscence (the mass incineration of farm animals) is by this point in the authorship liable to seem generic. An associative trigger in a poem by Bonney, seen coming or not, will not put the poet in mind of a nice Christmas. Association doesn’t work like that, especially not within the prison of the prose block, and certainly never in a “Love Poem.”

This too is part of the stagy consistency of the text, which knows (as you also know) that writing is now, in the contemporary eternal dévidage, either a stranglehold on devastation or a longwinded airy load of bullshit and nothing. “The poetic moans of this century have been, for the most part, a banal patina of snobbery, vanity and sophistry,” reports the “Letter on Riots and Doubt.”

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Source: Sean Bonney’s Hate Poems « Post45

Piero Manzoni and the Reinvention of Art

“Piero Manzoni. Materials of his Time” at Hauser & Wirth New York, 22nd Street (2019), installation view, photo: Thomas Barratt, © Fondazione Piero Manzoni, Milan, (courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth)

Manzoni’s work can be viewed as slight and Herculean, tragic and buoyant, mystical and materialist, minimal and baroque.

Source: Piero Manzoni and the Reinvention of Art